This One’s for the Book Worms

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| Nisan 2017


This One’s for the Book Worms

It is halfway through the semester and the midterms and juries are in a constant battle of “who gets to the students first.” So here’s my light spring breeze for you in the shape of three books! They talk about completely different things yet all contribute to one cause, INSPIRATION. Inspiration is a word that resonates a lot within the FF buildings as it seems to be a crucial element to our assignments and projects. These books all help in finding that inspiration in their own unique way and are a push start to looking at things from a different outlook. I have personally enjoyed these three books and I hope you do too.


This book is one of the most interesting and eye catching books I have come across. However, if you are looking for specific techniques and steps to get inspired you’re looking at the wrong book. I picked this book simply because it is a reminder to observe and detect everything around us. Inspiration does not come on a silver plate. Inspiration can be taken from various kinds of things and objects. This book illustrates “random” photographs coming from different places, centuries, and ideals. The author presents the photograph with a simple description of it along with the year and his first impression.

To get hold of this book you can simply pay the Bilkent Library a swift visit. (NA2765 .F88 1996)


This book encloses colors, colors, and more colors! It includes the science of mixing colors and what influence does it have on people. It is interesting to see what certain colors can do and create when put together. I think this book is helpful not just for the project but for personal uses too, such as when redecorating your room, sketching, or making your portfolio!  Color theory and how we use colors is crucial to complete the design and to achieve the desired result or outcome of the project. Hence, it is always a good idea to have it under your sleeve as you never know when it might come in handy!

To get hold of this book you can simply pay the Bilkent Library a swift visit. (N7432.7 .Z45 2010)




This one is quite different than the first two books. This one is for you if you like interacting with the book and its content. I personally go back and forth to this book. It lets you go all out with the activities and creative exercises. Unlike the other two books, this one does not tell you where to look for inspiration or how to let inspiration find you. It simply shows you that inspiration is everywhere and within you. The famous “I do not feel inspired enough” phrase is just an excuse when we’re constantly experiencing and feeling different things.

Unfortunately this book is not available in Bilkent library, however, you can purchase it from bookstores or online.

I hope that after looking or skimming through these readings, you come to realize that inspiration isn’t a Pandora box waiting to be discovered around the corner. Everything around us has something to offer. Even the simple concept of how the colors are working together or how they are making you feel. These three books aren’t the only three books that could inspire you or could make you more aware and observant of the things around you but they are definitely somewhere to start and to realize that you just need to take a second look and appreciate what we’re surrounded by.





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