Minimalist Way Of Sustainability

Minimalism prevents over consumption and over use of consruction lands

| Şubat 2018

I was looking for a good movie to watch on Netflix and I’ve come up with the idea of seeing a documentary about a couple of people known as the minimalists.


Although the movie wasn’t that fascinating, It has forced me to think about the materialism fact that we most care about in our daily lives. We were asking for more money, more clothes and bigger houses as The Weeknd sings “ We don’t pray for love, we just pray for cars” because it is told us that having more staff brings better life quality and social status. Is it? Is it really helpful to achieve the real happiness and solve the meaning of life?


Some of those guys in the documentary quit their job, sold their precious clothes, houses or cars, some didn’t give away all of their possessions, since they were really meaningful to them. You do not to have to believe that we need a permanent home to live in, but if you do, at least you can try to live in a space of 33 m2. As an architecture student, it’s my consideration to design housings that require less space and less energy to construct. While they have less space to live in, people will be thinking to own less stuff. Even though people have become more individual and live alone, why we still see ads of houses with 7 rooms?

I’ve become more interested in the minimalist way of architecture and I’ve encountered with Kasita tiny modular house with very high standards of functionality that I definitely would like to live in. They can be compounded and acts like apartment or they can be just located independently. Here are some photos from them:



If you are interested, you can find more from the cool advertisement video of Kasita:



If you want to go further more and be real minimalists, some helpful websites to get help:

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