Mark Paul Frederickson

Questions for Academicians

| Aralık 2017

*Mark Paul Frederickson works as an adjunct associate professor in Bilkent University.

Question 1: What is the most disappointing experience as a student?

For the most part, I enjoyed school. I loved design and the comradery of the studios. I also had very good studio instructors. As a result, my disappointments were negligible / insignificant.

Question 2: As an academician, do you get the chance to sleep? (Does anything change?)

I sleep about 6 hours a night …. probably a carryover from school and practice. I still enjoy what I do very much and rarely have that “I don’t want to go to work” feeling in the morning. The nice thing about post-graduation is you get paid to do what you like to do.

Question 3: What does design mean to you and currently, how do you perceive the world of design?

Design is at that core of my life, and the ability / skill to synthesize diverse variables into something new and relevant helps me in many different ways …. not just in architecture. My wife, sister and sons are all Architects, and I would venture that they feel the same way about design ….. they are currently in the process of designing their lives to some extent.

Question 4: If you had the chance, what would you change in your student life?

Not much …. I enjoyed it. Lots of work, but I generally enjoyed what I was doing.

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