Glenn Terry Kukkola

Questions for Academicians

| Aralık 2017

Question 1: What was your most disappointing experience as a student?

The most disappointing experience as an architecture student was watching an instructor criticize a student’s studio submission without appreciating the valid references from other architectural works, and finding myself defending that student’s design using examples and references.

Question 2: As an academician, do you get the chance to sleep? (Does anything change?)

What is sleep? As a student of architecture I often worked days without sleep and lived on cups of espresso and was found curled up sleeping in the lecture hall. In the profession I worked late nights in the office and lived on a few hours of sleep when there were many projects to manage.

Question 3: What does design mean to you and currently, how do you perceive the world of design?

Design is not just personal expression or preference but a systematic, methodological, calculated, integrated process of decisions along with inspired pursuit of possible solutions which undergo constant evaluation and revision until all the aspirations, goals and outcomes are met leading to sustaining human existence, activity and experience. I do not wish to comment on the state of world of design which is often more fad than substance.

Question 4: If you had the chance, what would you change in your student life?

I would find a way to get more sleep and cut back on the espresso.


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