Connecting Point A to Point B

Thinking 'multidimensional'...

| Ağustos 2018

Before my life started as a student of architecture, I must say that my perception was so much more different than it is now. In a bad way, not necessarily. It is just that, being a design student, I deeply feel that the field that I adopted for my professional life has profoundly evolved my path of thinking. Or I can just say, now I have many paths of thinking.

Yes, it is true that my perception has become rather more “multidimensional”. Now when I am asked what the shortest distance from point A to point B is, I cannot just say the distance as a scalar number (I just can’t). I must ask the climate, the color, the form, the culture, the contextual background of those points. What if A is just a fat point (I know a point has no dimension, just trying to make a point here (you’ve seen what I did there, right? (okay, seriously no more parentheses))) What if B does not want to be connected with A? And now extend that metaphor to the level of an urban scale. You designed a building. It created a node within the city. You have a chance to choose to connect that node to many others and you have a chance to choose not connecting it to some nodes (which is equally important). It all depends on what kind of a network you aim to achieve through the nodes you are connecting. Will those nodes make people’s lives better? Will they connect them? As you see, I cannot connect point A to point B just with a number. I need dimension. I need reason. I need quality, quantity and justification. Without all of those factors combined, I simply do not have enough motivation of creating such a connection. So, sorry A and B.

Being a student of architecture, I rediscovered the power of decision and deliberation. Think of yourself. Think of what defines YOU. It is not only what you do that defines you, it is also what you do not. Just like the decision of whether connecting A and B or not, every project that I have worked on is filled with forms that are there and that are not there. There is no room for accidental formations in a design (If a jury member asks why a member is there and you cannot answer, I wish you the best of luck, you’re gonna need it) The moment I came to this realization, I mean not only in design, but also in my personal life, literally changed me. I projected my version of definition of design on my virtual self and realized, I am what I choose and I am what I do not choose. And yet here I stand trying to choose which show to see tonight at Netflix while I can choose to be anything. And then I made the best choice of my life. I chose to be me. I sincerely believe that everybody who makes decisions are designers. And this makes everyone a designer. Only not everyone is aware. Everyone designs a version of their selves. And what if none of those paths are taken with a conscious decision and you accidentally become what life decides for you? Well, this is the most terrifying thing I have ever heard. I don’t mean that life is unkind. Life gives you the wind but you need to sail. You cannot just expect to be landed to somewhere nice all of a sudden. If you do not know your destination and your direction, life cannot help you to get there. Studying architecture helped me to find my destination. Right now I stand at point A. I want to go to A’. I want to be me. And I really want to find out who “me” is. So, I guess, thank you, Architecture J?!

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