Çağrı İmamoğlu

Questions for Academics

| Mart 2018

Çağrı İmamoğlu is currently an assistant professor in Interior Architecture and Environmental Design department at Bilkent University. In the current academic year, he is teaching Interior Design Studio III-IAED 301 (Class 3, Fall Semester), Interior Design Studio IV-IAED 302 (Class 3, Spring Semester) as well as People and Environment-IAED 322 (Class 3, Fall and Spring Semester).



Question 1: What was the most disappointing experience of your student life?

I figure nothing in life is disappointing if you give it time and space – that said, it may be difficult to accept things that are unexpected, frustrating or embarrassing at the time. In architecture school, I did not enjoy the tense atmosphere sometimes created by some instructors, so now I am working on contributing to a more positive atmosphere especially during juries where students are already feeling stressed out and tired.


Question 2: As an academic, do you get the chance to sleep? (Does anything change?)

I guess I always created the chance to sleep to a minimum degree, somehow. I do not get bragging about not sleeping for four days because I cannot function without sleep, so I try to get more than seven hours of sleep every day.


Question 3: What does design mean to you and currently, how do you perceive the world of design?

Design is the closest we come to creating something, in a world full of incredible creations, and I find that ability/practice fascinating. That is why I tell high school students thinking of coming to design departments that it is very tough, but they will love it.


Question 4: If you had the chance, what would you change in your student life?

I guess I focused too much on the trees, and sometimes forgot about the forest. So, not only would I narrow my focus on individual design projects, but, just like Burçak Hoca mentioned in an earlier interview, I would attend more social/cultural events in the campus and the city, not rushing to finish school.


I would like to thank you to Çağrı İmamoğlu for his kindness, help and understanding. It is my pleasure to make a interview with you.

Serra Koz



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